Restaurant Kitchen Design

restaurant designWhen opening up a restaurant, one of the most important aspects to consider is the types of things that will be necessary to stock it. All those who plan on starting a restaurant will need to be aware of the kinds of items they should carry in any given kitchen. In many cases, people will have a general idea of the kinds of items they need to have on hand but they may not be fully aware of exactly what is necessary for their specific needs. Such needs will often need to be based around the specific kind of restaurant that the person is going to open. Someone who is going to open a Japanese restaurant will have different needs than someone who is planning to open up a restaurant devoted to French cuisine. A restaurant kitchen will need to reflect that fact and be equipped accordingly. This is why advanced planning is so important and in this case it is logical to look through the restaurant supply online and choose what will be necessary to buy first of all.

Any chef will want to have a few kinds of standard restaurant supplies. This includes kitchen basics such as the right knives. Knives are important as they allow any given chef to chop quickly and easily as well as make sure their food is chopped to a uniform thickness thus making it likely to more cook more quickly. A kitchen should have a full line of knives on hand for various kinds of tasks. One knife may be used for paring potatoes and cutting them into attractive shapes. Another knife may be solely used for cutting bread into even slices as safely as possible. Many chefs wish to keep multiple knives on hand as they switch from one task to another during the course of preparing a dinner service. This allows them to focus on their attention on the task at hand more easily.

storageProper storage space is essential for any knives being used as well as any other kinds of tools that are used during a given dinner or lunch service. A well stocked kitchen should have a specific area dedicated if possible to such storage, allowing the knives and other kitchen tools to remain safely stored away when they are not in use. This also allows the chef to know that they can always find the knives they need. Storage of such tools also allows the chef to develop an end of the workday ritual that allows them to carefully clean their preferred knives at the end of a shift and then be assured that their knives are kept in a specific space and not touched by others if possible. Or only used by those who fully know how to use them properly in a way that will not cause possible injury.